General Resources

Childhood and Child Development

Early Childhood Transition Guidebook

Child Development Milestones – 0-5 (Somali)

Childhood in the Somali Context: Mothers’ and Childrens’ ideas about Childhood and Parenting

Help Me Grow- 6 months (Somali)

La Soco Marxaladaha Koboc ee Cunuggaga (Track Your Child’s Milestones)

Promoting Child Well Being across Cultures

Marxaladaha Heerarka Koboca (Milestone Moments)

Raising Children in Somalia

Somali Children’s Adjustment to Life in the Western World

Somali Parents’ Experiences of Bringing Up Children in Finland


Kal & Mooy: Somali Food Truck (Toronto)

The Somali Kitchen

Xawaash: A Somali Food Blog


A Step into Somali Culture

Bridges of Understanding: Learning the Somali Culture

National Somali Bantu Project

Overview of Somali Culture

Somali Cultural Guide

Somali Culture at a Glance

Somali Heritage and Archaeology


A Safe Harbor: Somalis in Cardiff

British Somalis: Nomads No More

Diaspora Return to Somalia

Journeys of the Diaspora: Columbus, Ohio

Language: a Major Barrier to Inclusion for Somalis in Holland

Somalis in Amsterdam

Somalis in Copenhagen

Somalis in Helsinki (Finland)

Somalis in Leicester (UK)

Somalis in London

Somalis in Malmo (Sweden)

Somalis in Oslo

Somali Life in Helsinki, Finland

Success Starts in the Classroom for Somalis in Leicester (UK)


Holding onto your Heritage: Somali Tradition and the American Dream

Somali Family Strength: Working with Communities


Indiana University: African Studies Resources for K-12 Educators

Meet the Somalis

Somali Resources Page


Reading for Development: The Somali Rural Literacy Campaign of 1975

Somalia’s Rural Literacy Campaign (Podcast)

The Digital Somali Library

The Somali Bantu: Their History and Culture


History and Development of the Somali Script

Keeping Somali Alive (Podcast)

Taarikhda af Soomaali

Somali Language: Past and Future

UCLA Languages Project: Somali

Language Learning Resources

Beginning Somali Courses Materials

Differences between Somali and English

Ethnologue Languages of the World: Somali

La Soco Af Soomaaliga (Make Progress in Somali)

Learn Somali Proverbs, Georgi Kapchits (in Somali)

Somali (John Saeed)

Somali Grammar

Somali Kinship Terms

Somali Language Learning Resources

Somali Language Resources for Beginners


A Kid’s Wonderland in Hargeisa, Somaliland

La Ciyaarista Ilmaha (Playing with your Baby)

Somali Children’s Play: Somali (Video)

Somali Rhymes and Action Games for Children


Wan iyo Waraabe [Careys Ciise]


BBC (Somali)

Hiiraan Online

SBS Australia (Somali)

Voice of America (Somali)

Wardheer News


Faces of the Somali Remittance Crisis

The Cultural Importance of Remittances

Refugees and Migrants

A Somali Refugee in Italy: ‘There’s a Feeling of Total Disorientation’

Abdi and the Golden Ticket

Bridging Refugee Youth and Children’s Services (Refugee Portal)

From Somalia to Sweden: the Refugee Forced to Live Apart from his Family

Living at the Border: Refugees and Migrants in Italy

On the Refugee Road (Video)

Refugee Families from Somalia

Salusbury World

Somali Bantu Refugee Families

Somalia’s Lost Generation: The Battle to Make Migrants Stay

Uplifting Letters of Hope from Somali Children to Syrian Refugee Children


Brief Illustrated Guide to Islam

Qu’ran by Heart (Video)

Muslims in the Diaspora: Somali Communities of London and Toronto

Ramadan: a Guide to Islam’s Noble Month

Social Issues

Call to Tell a Different Story about Somalia

Somali Stereotypes


Educational Challenges in Post-Transitional Somalia

Somalia: ITV on Assignment (Video)

Somali Community Organizations

Confederation of Somali Community (Minnesota)

Dixon Community Services (Canada)

Midaynta Community Services (Canada)

Our Helpers (Ohio)

Somali Canadian Association (Canada)

Somali Centre for Family Services (Canada)

Somali Community Access Network (Ohio)

Somali Family Advocacy Group (Minnesota)

Somali Family Services of San Diego (California)

Somali Parent and Children’s Association (UK)

Somali Women and Children’s Alliance (Ohio)

Somali Women and Children’s Support Network (Canada)

The Somali American Parent Association (Minnesota)


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  1. Brilliant. Ma sha Allah your doing great work for our community, please keep up this project. It’s been a inspiration for me personally as I young educated Somali to see this project.

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