5 things a foreigner learned from Cigal Shiidad (Somali children’s story)


‘Baro Afkaaga Hooyo’: A Case Study of Somali Literacy Teaching in Liverpool

Developing Bilingual Pedagogies through Partnership between Mainstream and Alternative Schools

Language and Literacy Practices of Somali Bantu Children

Weaving Multiple Literacies: Somali Children and their Teachers in Context of School Culture


African Storybook (Somali and English Books)

Ilmaha oo aad Buugga wada Akhrisaan (Sharing Books with your Baby)

Somali Bilingual Book Project

Somali Folktales (Sheekoyin Carrureed)

The Lion’s Share (Qayb Libaax): Somali (Video)

The Story of Emma’s Kindergarten: Somali (Video)

Unite for Literacy (Read-Alouds in English and Somali)

Wilbur Book Reading: Somali (Video)

Publishers/Distributors of Children’s Books

Culture for Kids

Global Language Books

HAAN Associates

Language Lizard

Looh Press

Mantra Lingua

Millet Publishing

Peppercorn Books & Press

Scansom Publishers

Somali Writers

World Language


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